A new round of science and technology revolution is happening globally. Innovation is playing an increasingly important role in economy and society. 

Enhancing cooperation in science, technology and innovation has become a shared vision among ASEAN countries and China to achieve sustainable development. 

To deepen cooperation in the areas of science, technology and innovation and for the purpose of smart industry sustainable development, ACC will be hosting the

 Innovation Leading Development: 2019 ASEAN-China Smart Industry Cnference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on 25-27 of July 2019.

The conference will focus on the current trends, demands and opportunities in the smart industry. 

An estimated number of more than 1000 participants including government officials, representatives from business associations, 

entrepreneurs leaders and media will be invited. 

Alongside with the conference, a special exhibition area and business match making will be arranged for the participating companies. 

Welcome to join Innovation Leading Development: 2019 ASEAN-China Smart Industry Conference.



Industries focused on


  • Network industry:

    Network industry:

    Network providers, intelligent network terminals, cloud technology, intelligent household systems etc.

  • Smart Auto:

    Smart Auto:

    Auto pilot systems, intelligent cars, autonomous driving systems, renewable energy vehicles, vehicle networking systems etc.

  • Smart factory:

    Smart factory:

    Robotic industry, digitalized workshops, machine learning, smart logistics, automatic manufacturing excecution systems etc.

  • Smart city:

    Smart city:

    Big data technology, automatic inspection, digital municipal administration, swarn technologies, predictive analises, etc

  • Smart Finance:

    Smart Finance:

    Bank intelligence, smart payment systems, smart fund and projects investments , etc

Leading experts in the eld of intelligence (Nobel prize-winner level experts );
Leading smart companies from developed countries and regions such as China, ASEAN, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Europe;
ASEAN funds representatives, govenment and private investment institutions, investment and funding partners; 
Business association representatives;
ASEAN government officials and institutions in the economic eld of ASEAN countries

Pronounced invitations to guests and enterprises


Top participating countries:

Featured smart companies:

Pronounced participants and guests:

Expand your smart  technologies to ASEAN countries, a region with a tremendously  growing innovation products needs! 

Conference objectives


We build a strong compehensive business platform and discussion forum to enhance and point out the direction of future development of your  

smart indistry opportunities  in the ASEAN regions. 

Participation of regional government agencies and project decisionmakers has been secured and is backed up by nancial institutions 

willing to fund smart endeavours.

Conference Plan


Innovation Leading Development: 2019 ASEAN-China Smart IndustryCnference:Hall Plan

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2019 ASEAN-China 
Intelligent Industry Conference

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